Artist’s Statement

Les Nuances

One must be a poet or an American to understand the seductive power of the French landscape. My first encounter with Paris in 1976 drew me in like an engagement that I was unable to consume. I remain to this day eternally committed to the exploration of these Nuances: a house in Normandy in other times, a violet sunset on the Seine, my gaze upon a person forever distant. That distant person, it is me, returning to the USA, and working on these nuances which continually escape me.

For we seek the nuance

Not color, just the nuance

Oh! The nuance alone

Joins dream with dream and flute with horn

-Paul Verlaine, Art Poétique

The final version was executed in the U.S. combining my  freehand sketches made on site with my memory of their essence.  These works are dry pastel on paper and oil pastel on canvas. 

They are available in limited edition Gicleé prints, $350 each, includes shipping and certificate of authenticity.  See ‘Contact’ to place order.